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Discover the
legend you were
meant to be.

Discover the legend

Embark on a life changing journey of self-discovery and transform your life by empowering the real you!


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Darkness exists inside all of us, it’s easy getting lost within...

The human mind is a complex labyrinth of diverse thoughts and feelings. Unfortunately, most of us are conditioned early on to reject contrasting views within us, resulting in an unhealthy polarization of our inner self.

When our mind is overshadowed by a single perspective, unwanted thoughts are often pushed away, ending up in our unconscious mind, soon to be forgotten.

Unheard and unseen, these thoughts gradually become unbeknownst to us, alienated whenever it resurfaces.

As a result of avoiding the subconscious, one's mind can never quite be whole. This leads to various uneasy thoughts in our head, similar to these vignettes → (Hover over the ninjas to view their thoughts)

Four ninjas seemingly lost in the darkness.
No one gets me!
Am I seriously all
that different?
Why does life feel
so empty? Does true
happiness exist?
What's wrong with
them? Why are they
total opposites?
That's so not me!
Why did I react
in such a way?
Bunch of rocks.
...until you realize that the darkest nights produce the
brightest stars!

After all, there can be no light without the dark and, as scary as it may seem, embracing your shadows is crucial.

Although conventional wisdom dictates a no pain no gain mindset, not all pains are created equal. Knowing precisely where to focus on makes a whole world of difference.

Yet, what if you had a map that helped you navigate the complex recesses of your mind? What if you knew the best direction forward for personal growth? What if you can discover and empower your truest self?

Begin your journey of self-discovery by taking our personality exploration tool to identify and understand your innate archetype.


Lots of stars.

Let's Shoot For
The Stars

And Reach Beyond The Skies

“Tried out the ideas with my soulmate just for laughs and by the end of the night we were so hooked. To describe how real these concepts are would be an understatement. I'm definitely going to share this with those closest to me as not only is it worth sharing but the content is super interesting as well!”

— Naomi, United States

“I must say, the details provided were both informative and enjoyable to read. Their content has truly helped me connect the dots in understanding who I really am. Before this, I felt quite lost in life... and I wouldn't say I'm 100% certain still but Personality Ninja has certainly gave me a lot more confidence!”

— Sean Lee, Singapore

“Initially, my outlook towards your theories was one of dubiousness. However, upon meticulous evaluation, I was able to discern your framework's validity when compared with my own prior understanding of the cognitive functions. My further observations too gave the same conclusions. Your work is truly impressive.”

— Jonathan W., Canada

They say that the best ship is friendship. Thanks for the kind words friends!
Feeling cloudy.
Features of NXT

Discover What Drives You

We are all driven by inner motivations that we are usually unaware of, influencing our every thought, action, and behavior. By discovering your innate drivers, you will gain a deeper awareness of your true self and make better decisions in life.

Features of NXT

Amplify Your Core Strengths

Behind every strength lies an inevitable weakness. Only by understanding the intricate dynamics of this interconnection can you achieve the balance needed to unlock your fullest potential; turning good to great, and great to excellent.

Features of NXT

Recognize Your Blind Spots

Most people think they know themselves well, not realizing the full extent of their shortcomings. By grasping the reality of your archetype, you will understand how your actions plays out in real life, helping you avoid unintended consequences.

Features of NXT

Embrace The Shadows Within

Our truest selves can only be achieved when we accept all our sides as a whole, especially the darker ones within. By realizing the true nature of our shadows, we stop fearing it and see it for what it truly is—a hidden potential that completes you.

Features of NXT

Accelerate Personal Growth

There are literally millions of self-help resources, how does one know which to pick? By identifying the significant areas of your type, you can tailor your approach and focus on what truly helps you grow, enabling exponential progress to be made.

Features of NXT

Understand Others Better

We are repeatedly interested or irritated by those different than us, without truly knowing why. With deeper understanding, we will be empowered to build better and more meaningful relationships, appreciating the amazing diversity of humanity.

Features of NXT

Develop Effective Leadership

Dream teams are not made up of talented people but are formed by an effective synergy that comes from truly understanding one another. Genuine collaborations with open communication; all this takes effort and time, but the payoff is worth it.

Features of NXT

Grow Beyond Limits

We all stop growing the moment we stop learning, creating barriers in our mindset. In reality however, the more we learn the more we realize how little we actually know. Through typology, you will be able to free your mind and gain new perspectives on life.

Features of NXT

Level Up Your Life

The journey of a thousand miles will always begin with your first step forward. After all, even the greatest had to start somewhere
and now it's your turn to shine!

Embark on a new chapter of life, empowering your true self with our NXT Type Explorer and experience the many benefits as you

Identify your personality archetype.
Recognize your innate motivations.
Unleash your strength’s potential.
Develop awareness of blind spots.
Understand others in-depth.


Sheep clouds.

Frankly Answered


+ What kind of personality test is this?

First and foremost, this is not a test. There are no right or wrong answers, as we are not here to grade your character. Even if we wanted to, we couldn't, since no personality type is better or worse than the rest.

Instead, our "personality test" is more like a guided journey of self-discovery that is based on our personality framework—the Neo-Jungian Experiential Typology (NXT). It is a tool that helps you discover who you truly are, which will inevitably include unflattering aspects of yourself. Whether it's unseen blind spots or flaws you didn't know you had, everything that lurks within your shadows will be brought to light.

Being aware of your shortcomings may be unpleasant or painful, but without the dark, we'd never see the stars. As we learn to see our challenges as opportunities for growth, we’ll realize that the pain we feel is not something to be avoided but a part we can embrace instead.

Ultimately, the NXT Type Explorer doesn’t just offer a reflection of who you are. It also gives you a roadmap for who you could be.

+ How are you doing all these for free?

The traditional measure of a company’s success is financial profit. However, we’d like to define our success by the number of people we’ve helped.

When we started this project, we had only one goal in mind: to help others grow. No matter your beliefs, background, or the color of your skin, all we want is to help you reach your fullest potential. All of our tools and resources are at your disposal so that you can make that happen.

We truly believe that knowledge should be free. It should be available to everyone, and we’re trying our best to make that happen. But there’s a catch: we need money to pay rent, buy food, and keep the lights on. That’s why we’re offering paid e-books and various additional services, to those that can afford, so that we can keep doing what we’re doing.

By purchasing these products, you get access to an immersive experience in learning all about personality. But even more than that, you’re supporting our mission. So, if you believe in what we’re doing and have the funds to back it up, do contribute to our vision for a better world through typology!

We know that this might seem like an impossible dream, and things might not pan out. But even so, we wouldn’t regret a thing as this project would still be our way of benefiting the world at large. And one thing is for certain; this journey has already given us an invaluable wealth of experience.

Nevertheless, we hope that with your support, we can continue doing what we do best: leaving a positive impact on others. And together, we can continue transforming lives for the better!

+ Will the personality test take long?

There are plenty of websites out there that claim they can reveal your personality type in mere minutes. Our self-analysis tool, on the other hand, might take about an hour or more to complete.

Why? Because we want to give you a clearer picture of who you are, not just slap together a few quick questions and call it a day. That’s why we designed an extensive assessment that considers all aspects of your personality.

The world at large is shifting towards a culture of instant gratification. Entertainment at your finger tips and hot meals a click away; we want everything, and we want it now. But not everything is better just because it's faster. When it comes to identifying your personality, we believe that a thorough analysis is crucial to avoid jumping to conclusions.

So, don’t rush through the test. Slow down. It’s tempting to speed through the questions as quickly as possible, but the best thing you can do is to take your time. That way, you’ll get a more accurate insight into who you truly are.

+ Is your personality framework scientific?

Critics claim that typology is more astrology than science. They say it lacks objectivity, validity, and rigor. Unfortunately, not everything is that simple.

Some things in life, such as love or happiness, cannot be quantified, but does that mean they don’t exist? Of course not! It simply means that they're so complex that they cannot yet be properly measured. It’s certainly not as easy as measuring the mass of an object to say the least.

The same can be said of typology. Of course, it would be ideal if it were more empirically sound. But what's even more critical is the understanding and implications that typology has brought about. While it may lack the rigor of other disciplines, typology has given us a wealth of insights into human behavior—ones that have helped us better understand our own minds, contributing to humanity's growth. And isn’t that the point of science?

Science is often synonymous with prestigious universities, distinguished journals, and renowned academicians. However, in reality, science is simply the process of gathering evidence to test hypotheses with the intention of gaining and sharing knowledge. And by that definition, anyone can be a scientist, as long as we stick to the scientific method and be willing to embrace new evidences when they are discovered.

There is no doubt that we are on the cusp of a scientific revolution that will change how we understand the human brain. However, till then, we’ll do what we can—gather more data, test our hypotheses, and share our realizations, in hopes of helping others rediscover their true potential.

+ Can 32 archetypes describe all people?

Within the animal kingdom, there are classes such as mammals, fish, and reptiles. Each class can then be broken down into orders, such as rodents, primates, bats, and so on and so forth. And even within these categories, the possible divisions and groupings are endless.

A similar pattern emerges when it comes to personality typing.

We can sort people into 8, 64, or even 1,024 distinct archetypes—with MBTI or 16 personalities being the most popular. With various ways of classifying them, the potential number of personality types is limitless. It all depends on how detailed it needs to be.

But the problem is that with 128 or even 512 personality types, there will only be minimal differences between each description. On the other hand, with 4 types, each explanation may be too broad, making it less useful as an individualized tool for growth.

So after careful consideration and research, we found 32 archetypes to be in the proverbial "goldilocks zone." Not too many, not too few—just the right number to strike the perfect balance. This way, each archetype would be distinctly different, yet detailed enough to still be meaningful.