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The Bear Clan

Written by Haru Maru Read

The Ussuri Brown Bears are steadfastly habitual hunters who employ systematic methods to survive. Every year without fail, these bears will carry out their annual routine of storing up fats during fall to hibernate soundly through winter. As such, they are widely recognized for their unwavering stability, perseverance, and strength—qualities that reflect those embodied by ninjas of the Bear Clan.

The Bear Clan.

These ninjas have Introverted Sensing as their Dominant Function, followed by either a Thinking Function or Feeling Function. As such, the Bear Clan is made up of two subclans, namely the Iron Bear Clan (SI+T) and Glacier Bear Clan (SI+F), creating four distinctive types of personality ninjas.

Simply put, ninjas who hail from the Iron Bear Clan (Earth Village) are best described as diligent builders who are resolute at executing their tasks properly. On the other hand, ninjas who hail from the Glacier Bear Clan (Water Village) are best described as dedicated builders who are committed to fulfilling their duties wholeheartedly.

But apart from these differences, both clans are bounded in essence by a shared instinctual need for Familiarity. It fuels all Bear Ninjas towards a life of consistency, instilling in them a sense of cautiousness that urges them to organize the world around them. Because of that, they establish habits and routines wherever they go, building up a life that is secure and assured.

With stability as their number one priority, Bear Ninjas will not stop until everything is in perfect order, granting them the ability to sustain a structured lifestyle. More than that, their persistent nature makes them very reliable as they will complete any task that comes their way.

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