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Air Village

Written by Zuno Arashi Read

Up in the skies above, among an endless sea of clouds, lies Tortoise Realm, the mystical home of the Air Ninjas.

Seated atop a floating island shrouded by impenetrable mists, the Air Village has always found itself cut off from the rest of the Mochiverse. As such, the minds of the isolated Air Ninjas naturally wondered what the world was like below. In doing so, they dreamed of a hopeful utopia—one that inspired the earliest Air Ninjas to build their society based on enlightened ideals.

Air Ninjas within the Tortoise Realm.

The founders of the Air Village were not initially a cohesive family unit. Instead, they hailed from various walks of life, comprising ninjas from the Fox, Owl, Deer, and Otter Clans. Yet destiny intervened, weaving their paths together as one. Despite their divergent beginnings, these ninjas shared a cognitive focus for Intuition and Feeling, guiding them to forge a new, unified community.

And through the passage of time, the descendants of the Air Village gradually evolved into the progressive ninjas that we know of today. In brief, the Air Ninjas seek Imaginative Inspiration wherever they go, approaching life in a spirited manner.

This attitude is reflected in their culture, which tends to be more spiritual and abstract. Unsurprisingly, the Air Village carries a unique ambience, as ninjas are often found mastering the arts of wind-jutsu, meditating serenely for weeks, or zipping around excitedly on speedy clouds. Although this may sound like it came straight out of a fairy tale, for Air Ninjas, it is simply life.

The Air Ninjas chose air as their village element because it symbolizes their imaginative and inspiring personalities. Furthermore, they made yellow their village color to signify the Tortoise Realm’s commitment to being a beacon of light in the Mochiverse. More importantly, their yellow outfits are extremely sacred to them, as its wearers bear the promise to never falter in the face of darkness.

As such, the Air Ninjas are living examples of their village motto “Dreams are the seeds of joy.” After all, they believe that anyone who wishes to lead a meaningful life must first foster the courage to dream beyond the bounds of reality.

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