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Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching

First and foremost, congrats for making it this far in life!

Millions of people in the world are just like you—seeking another level of success. Be it working on the next big thing, supercharging your performance, or living your passion to the fullest; it all points to one thing: there is somewhere you want to go, but are not quite there yet.

As such, this is the place for those who seek to achieve their fullest potential. It is especially for those who are prepared to take their life to the next level, ready to achieve a life they never dreamed possible.

Important: If you are looking for guidance to resolve inner conflict and heal emotional pain, head on to NXT Counseling instead.

The Greatest Hurdle

The truth is, many of us are stuck in a dangerous zone—complacency: the worst place to ever be if you seek a happier and more fulfilling life. It is the Goldilocks Zone of doom, where our life isn't as great as it can be yet isn't that bad either, just comfortable enough to keep us from growing and transforming our lives for the better.

Complacency has a special dwelling place in our psyche called our comfort zone. Subconsciously, most of us resist any kind of change to avoid feeling the pain of failure. As a result, we settle for less, become unproductive, and lose passion in the things we do. That’s when our comfort zone morphs into a danger zone.

Truthfully, it is more scary to dwell in complacency than to step out of our comfort zones to grow. Oftentimes, the greatest hurdles in our way are internal, not external. No matter how much you may feel like it, your lack of progress is rarely because of a lack of time, resources, or skill. For many, it doesn’t depend on our circumstances, surroundings, or even luck to unleash our full potential.

What holds us back then? Our limiting beliefs—the narrative of our inner voices that holds us back from taking life changing actions. It is these false beliefs that keep us within the bounds of our comfort zone, deterring us from growing and living a more successful life.

So that’s where coaching comes into the picture; to push you out of your comfort zone and challenge you to play the game of life with higher rewards. Together, we can overcome these mental hurdles, keep you razor-focused on your goals, and set you on the right trajectory toward a more successful and fulfilling life.

Coaching Packages

We have three different packages to cater to the different needs of our users. Here are the coaching packages that we offer:

  • GROW (1 × 45-minute session at $175)
    To Grow is to better ourselves in every aspect of our lives. But somewhere in our journey of growth, we may hit roadblocks or sway off path. Nevertheless, a little adjustment in the present can have a very different outcome in the long term. That's the goal, to help you back on track, so that you may carry on in the right direction.
  • EVOLVE (12 × 45-minute sessions weekly at $1750)
    To Evolve is to awaken from our ego's slumber, so that we may re-claim the power to unlock our fullest potential. With a greater awareness, we begin to see through the lies we tell ourselves and the subconscious boundaries we draw in our minds. That clarity drives us to make changes that will unleash our highest potential.
  • TRANSFORM (24 × 45-minute sessions weekly at $3370)
    To Transform is to reinvent ourselves—to let go of our past selves and undergo a complete rebirth. Transformation is a personal journey, where we re-examine every aspect of ourselves, especially the darker parts, so that we may integrate them to be born anew. The journey may be arduous, but it is worth every step.

At the moment we are a little tight with our schedule until March 2024. However, we might be able to slot you in somewhere depending on the situation. Do drop us an e‑mail if you are interested.

Privacy Policy

One special feature we offer in our coaching is complete anonymity. As such, our professional coaches will remain completely incognito. You will only know us by our voices and our bits of advice.

Because we are anonymous, you know that we take privacy very, very seriously. Rest assured, everything you share with your coach will remain strictly confidential, and anything discussed will remain strictly between you and your coach.

Coaching Modes

Online video or voice calls such as through Zoom and Skype will be our primary mode of coaching.

Nevertheless, we understand that everyone is different. Some are more outgoing, while others more reserved. If you would much rather chat with a coach through text rather than video call, don't worry, we hear you. That's why we came up with Telegram Coaching: coaching sessions conducted via text.

Maybe you're better at structuring your thoughts through chat, rather than articulating your words at the moment. Maybe you might not be ready to open up to a stranger face-to-face. Texting simply makes coaching far more accessible to people like you.