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The Deer Clan

Written by Haru Maru Read

The Sika Deer are amazingly social animals who live and grow together in collective herds. To be safe from predators, these deers collaborate selflessly by following certain social norms to support and protect one another from danger. As such, they are widely recognized for their heartfelt unity, harmony, and rapport—qualities that reflect those embodied by ninjas of the Deer Clan.

The Deer Clan.

These ninjas have Extraverted Feeling as their Dominant Function, followed by either a Sensing Function or Intuitive Function. As such, the Deer Clan is made up of two subclans, namely the Arctic Deer Clan (FE+S) and Arcane Deer Clan (FE+N), creating four distinctive types of personality ninjas.

Simply put, ninjas who hail from the Arctic Deer Clan (Water Village) are best described as influential leaders who bring people together through grounded ways. On the other hand, ninjas who hail from the Arcane Deer Clan (Air Village) are best described as inspiring leaders who bring people together through meaningful ways.

But apart from these differences, both clans are bounded in essence by a shared instinctual need for Solidarity. It fuels all Deer Ninjas towards a life focused on fostering a sense of togetherness with other people, spurring them to connect with those around them. Therefore, they strengthen bonds wherever they go, forging tight-knit communities that are binded by an unshakeable unity.

With a heart to serve, Deer Ninjas are always looking out for others, granting them the ability to sense what people are feeling in an instant. On top of that, their warm demeanor easily melts away the barriers that hinder unity, allowing closer ties to flourish within their communities.

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