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Fire Village

Written by Zuno Arashi Read

At the fringes of this world, within the scorching heat of volcanic inferno, lies Phoenix Nest, the futuristic home of the Fire Ninjas.

Surrounded by flowing magma in the heart of a rumbling volcano, the Fire Village is a punishing place to live in. Yet, beyond the volcano’s potential for destruction, lies enormous potential for creation. Ashes fertilize the soil while lava litters it with ore, blessing the lands with rich harvests and abundant minerals. But to harness it all, the earliest Fire Ninjas had to be resourceful, leading to a rise in innovation.

Fire Ninjas within the Phoenix Nest.

The founders of the Fire Village were not initially a cohesive family unit. Instead, they hailed from various walks of life, comprising ninjas from the Fox, Owl, Wolf, and Badger Clans. Yet destiny intervened, weaving their paths together as one. Despite their divergent beginnings, these ninjas shared a cognitive focus for Intuition and Thinking, guiding them to forge a new, unified community.

In time, the Fire Village grew into an advanced civilization, where its descendants became the revolutionary ninjas we know today. To sum up what Fire Ninjas are like, they seek Theoretic Innovation wherever they go, approaching life in a logical manner.

This attitude translates into their ceaseless endeavors to improve their technology and ideas. Evidently, there is nowhere else in the Mochiverse where one can find another cutting-edge society capable enough to develop microchips to power supercomputers, generate unlimited energy from volcanic heat, and build rockets fit for interplanetary space travel, just to name a few.

The Fire Ninjas chose fire to be their village element as it symbolizes their radical and innovative personalities. Besides that, they made red their village color because it represents their burning desire to change the status quo and create a better future. Therefore, their red outfits are not merely an attire, but a message to the world that they will not stop until they have knocked down all barriers to progress.

As such, the Fire Ninjas clearly live by their motto “Proven was once imagined.” After all, their village has achieved the impossible time and time again, accomplishing many things that were once unthinkable.

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