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Heal Through Counseling

Written by Damian Satoshi Read

When life gets challenging, we often seek a solid foundation to rely on, and yearn for a beacon of light that provides us with hope, guidance, and strength as we navigate the stormy seas of life.

That is the whole purpose behind the inception of NXT Counseling. We want to provide a safe space for people to explore their thoughts and feelings without having to fear judgment.

We believe that help doesn’t always have to be in a “professional” setting; that can be scary. Instead, many people would prefer to seek counseling in the comfort of their homes. It gives them more privacy and comfort, which in turn translates to more courage in resolving their inner conflicts and healing emotional pain.

Heal Through Counseling.

When we look within, we are inclined to view our negative emotions as our worst enemies. But as unconventional as it sounds, these feelings are often our best friends—parts of ourselves that truly want the best for us. It may be difficult to see any good in them, but in reality, they are just concerned friends trying to tell us important things about our inner selves that we may have otherwise overlooked.

When we approach these parts of ourselves with curiosity and compassion, we will hear that they indeed have good intentions and only want the best for us. They are trying to bring to light the problems in our lives that we have been pushing aside, reminding us that something needs to be addressed.

As much as we desire to help others heal and find peace within, we understand that it is not our place to coerce or pressure anyone into seeking counseling, especially if they do not want to. Ultimately, the decision to seek help should be a personal one, rather than something to be imposed upon someone else.

So if your friends, parents, or colleagues are pushing you to seek counseling, do not rush into it just yet. You may consider their advice, but never ever do it for them. Look within, reason with yourself, and ultimately, do it because you want to take control and make positive changes to your life.

Likewise, if you believe that counseling is best for you, do not let anybody talk you out of it. We understand that the pressure is real as people might judge you as being crazy or weak. But ultimately, it is your life, not theirs. Do not let anyone talk you out of pursuing what you believe is best for your own well-being.

And with that, we welcome you to NXT Counseling.

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