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The Knowledge Base serves as a centralized source of information that provides users with key terms, definitions, and in-depth explanations regarding the NXT personality framework.


Welcome to the Knowledge Base, a repository of resources that explain, define, and clarify key terms and concepts within the NXT personality framework. The role of our Knowledge Base serves to fulfill three objectives:

  1. To explain the NXT personality framework.
  2. To define key terms and concepts.
  3. To eliminate misinterpretations.

Explaining the Framework

The NXT personality framework is a complex system comprised of intricate technicalities. As such, it can be challenging to understand it without proper guidance. To address this, we have created an extensive Knowledge Base that serves as a structured guide for understanding the framework.

The Knowledge Base is designed to break down the NXT personality framework into organized categories, making it easy to navigate. It introduces new concepts and terminologies in a comprehensive manner, allowing readers to grasp the key elements of the framework. By centralizing the content, readers can easily access the necessary information to resolve any gaps in understanding.

Defining Terms and Concepts

In the field of science, precision in language is essential. It ensures all parties share a common understanding and can communicate effectively. However, one common mistake that many systems make is that they fail to provide clear and accurate definitions for their terms and ideas, causing readers to misinterpret their system.

To prevent this confusion, our Knowledge Base provides clear definitions for all key concepts in the NXT personality framework. Each concept is elaborated in detail, and specific terms are defined accurately to eliminate any potential misinterpretation. This approach ensures that readers have a complete understanding of the ideas and terminology within the framework.

Eliminating Misinterpretation

As the NXT personality framework is built upon Jung's work, we share certain terms with other typology systems that are also inspired by Jung's insights. This becomes a problem, however, when readers bring over the definitions of other systems into our framework, although the interpretations largely differ. As a result, these individuals are left confused, as they have already started off from the wrong premise.

To avoid these unnecessary obstacles, it was essential for readers to easily access our explanations. By giving clear definitions and elaborations, readers can distinguish the different meanings between our framework and other systems. This would allow readers to eliminate any misunderstandings and construct their knowledge upon the right foundations.

Living Document

The Knowledge Base is not a static repository that is fixed upon publication. Rather, it is a dynamic document that is constantly evolving. This allows for the integration of new findings and improvements in real-time, ensuring that the information provided is always accurate and relevant.

This approach is especially beneficial in fields that are continuously evolving, such as psychology, where breakthroughs are made constantly. Our goal is to keep the Knowledge Base up-to-date by incorporating new discoveries and discarding outdated ones, resulting in a collection of content that is current and reliable.

As we type more individuals, our knowledge of human personality strengthens. With a living document, we can actively refine the explanations and definitions of our personality framework by incorporating new breakthroughs. By doing so, the explanation of our theory becomes more comprehensive and precise, allowing our readers to gain a better understanding of typology.

We believe that life is a journey of growth, with new things to learn every day. As such, we want our work to reflect that too, ensuring that our framework develops with each new discovery. At the end of the day, our objective is to deliver information that comes closest to the truth, giving people the best tools to work with.

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