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Launch of Knowledge Base

Written by Kengobako Read

Over the past year, we have been receiving constructive feedback from a group of individuals who prefer clear and precise definitions to gain a better understanding of our NXT personality framework.

In our quest to make personality theory more accessible to the layman, we have written NXT Core, a simplified and condensed version of our NXT personality framework. However, we do understand that the over-simplification of complex theories may not be appealing to those who seek to analyze our system at a deeper level for its accuracy.

To cater to those who seek accuracy, we have ultimately decided to clean up and refine the technical framework for our NXT personality framework, so that we can explain our theory to the masses in a more technically accurate way. As such, we’re proud to finally release our very own Knowledge Base!

Launch of Knowledge Base.

In short, Knowledge Base is a highly technical and accurate version of our NXT personality framework. It will consist of a more in-depth explanation of NXT CORE—Class, Origin, Rhythm, and Energy, equipped with solid definitions to provide a clear and unambiguous explanation of the theory.

By next year, a new release will also allow you to learn how to decipher your Type Code, and decode your Type Matrix to understand better what the codes like NTLB or SFLX really means, and how you can use them to identify different personality types.

In addition, we are currently in the process of finalizing the next phase of our NXT personality framework, which delves even deeper into the more technical aspects of NXT. This phase of the Knowledge Base is scheduled to be released by early 2024. To give you a sneak peek, it is called NXT QUAD—Quadrant, Ulteriority, Attitude, and Dynamics—and it explains the deeper and more complicated aspects of your NXT personality type.

The foundation of our Knowledge Base is built upon solid definitions, so that any vagueness and ambiguity that prevents one from understanding our framework can be removed. We have tried our best not to leave any term open to interpretation because that just hinders an accurate understanding of our NXT personality system.

Everything in our Knowledge Base is observed and tested through the hundreds of individuals that our trained typologists have analyzed and typed, and we have worked hard to ensure that our system does not have any conflicting definitions—internal inconsistency to be exact.

Internal inconsistency happens in a framework when it tries to force observations to fit preconceived notions, to a point where there is no longer a cohesive set of definitions in the system. However, that is not how we function, because we ensure that the theories we come up with are backed by reality.

While technical jargon may sometimes be necessary to communicate specific concepts or ideas, it is not always required. As such, we will not be using a lot of technical words and fancy jargon that are difficult to understand. We do not believe in making our Knowledge Base unnecessarily technical for the sake of it, as it only hinders a normal person’s understanding instead of improving it.

With all that said, we welcome you to our Knowledge Base!

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