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The Otter Clan

Written by Haru Maru Read

The Japanese River Otters are uniquely solitary animals who live and fish by themselves individually. These remarkable otters enjoy being immersed in relaxing activities such as rock juggling, floating, and self-grooming. As such, they are widely recognized for their distinct individuality, sincerity, and passion—qualities that reflect those embodied by ninjas of the Otter Clan.

The Otter Clan.

These ninjas have Introverted Feeling as their Dominant Function, followed by either a Sensing Function or Intuitive Function. As such, the Otter Clan is made up of two subclans, namely the Snowdrift Otter Clan (FI+S) and Mystical Otter Clan (FI+N), creating four distinctive types of personality ninjas.

Simply put, ninjas who hail from the Snowdrift Otter Clan (Water Village) are best described as down-to-earth evolvers who strive to uncover tangible values in their life. On the other hand, ninjas who hail from the Mystical Otter Clan (Air Village) are best described as idealistic evolvers who strive to uncover abstract values in their life.

But apart from these differences, both clans are bounded in essence by a shared instinctual need for Authenticity. It fuels all Otter Ninjas towards a life aimed on finding their truest selves, inspiring them to do what they feel is right no matter what. Therefore, they hold firmly to their personal values wherever they go, ensuring that everything they do in life is aligned to what they truly believe in.

With a strong connection to their feelings, Otter Ninjas can easily tell what they resonate with, granting them the ability to sense when things are off for them in an instant. More than that, it tailors their priorities to fit what’s important to them, leading to a life that is truly meaningful.

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