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Water Village

Written by Zuno Arashi Read

Beyond the boundless horizons, amidst calm ocean waves, lies Dragon Isle, the lively home of the Water Ninjas.

Nestled on a tropical island covered by lush green jungles and crystal clear streams, the Water Village is the closest a ninja can ever get to paradise on earth. Blessed with unbelievable abundance, the earliest Water Ninjas never had to worry about food and resources, leaving them with plenty of time to do whatever they enjoyed.

Water Ninjas within the Dragon Isles.

The founders of the Water Village were not initially a cohesive family unit. Instead, they hailed from various walks of life, comprising ninjas from the Falcon, Bear, Deer, and Otter Clans. Yet destiny intervened, weaving their paths together as one. Despite their divergent beginnings, these ninjas shared a cognitive focus for Sensing and Feeling, guiding them to forge a new, unified community.

Fostered by this lifestyle through generations, the descendants of the Water Village eventually became the cool ninjas that we know of today. In short, the Water Ninjas seek Awesome Aspiration wherever they go, approaching life in a passionate manner. This attitude can be felt throughout the village, which carries a vibrant air of excitement.

Sure enough, the Water Village is often filled with scenes of ninjas relaxing along the beach, surfing by the coast, or painting under palm trees. To them, life is meant to be enjoyed. So it doesn’t matter what they spend their time on as long as everyone is having a blast.

The Water Ninjas chose water as their village element as it symbolizes their casual and realistic personalities. On top of that, they made blue the color of their village to remind them of the ocean and its soothing tides—an image that washes them over with a wave of tranquility. Thus, although their blue outfits might not seem like much, it reassures them that everything will be fine even when life gets a little rough.

As such, nothing describes the Water Ninjas better than their village motto “Flowing to the beats of life.” After all, they want nothing more than to feel happy and fulfilled; and what better way to do so than to live life to its fullest.

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