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The Owl Clan

Written by Haru Maru Read

The Japanese Scops Owls are profoundly focused hunters who employ instinctive strategies to survive. Built with asymmetrical ears, these owls can instinctively zero in on their prey’s location through precise sound triangulation. As such, they are often used to symbolically represent deep intuition, wisdom, and knowledge—qualities that reflect those embodied by ninjas of the Owl Clan.

The Owl Clan.

These ninjas have Introverted Intuition as their Dominant Function, followed by either a Thinking Function or Feeling Function. As such, the Owl Clan is made up of two subclans, namely the Radiant Owl Clan (NI+T) and Eternal Owl Clan (NI+F), creating four distinctive types of personality ninjas.

Simply put, ninjas who hail from the Radiant Owl Clan (Fire Village) are best described as visionary builders who devise strategies that attain long-term results. On the other hand, ninjas who hail from the Eternal Owl Clan (Air Village) are best described as idealistic builders who cultivate visions that fulfill meaningful purposes.

But apart from these differences, both clans are bounded in essence by a shared instinctual need for Insights. It fuels all Owl Ninjas towards a life of meaning where everything is understood at a fundamental level, driving them to look for explanations in the abstract. Therefore, they think deeply about the world wherever they go, searching for a universal answer that can decipher all mysteries of the cosmos.

Perceptive of the bigger picture, Owl Ninjas notice underlying patterns everywhere, granting them the ability to simplify elaborate issues down to its essence. Beyond that, these insights fill their minds with profound epiphanies, allowing them to grasp life at its very core.

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