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Personality Typing

Personality Typing

No one knows you better than yourself; only you have insight into your inner motives, values, and drives. Therefore, if there's anyone more qualified to identify your own personality type, it's you! However, even individuals with intimate self-awareness would acknowledge the challenges of identifying their own personality through self-typing.

A projection of one's ideal self.

Firstly, our introspection has its limits, leaving us with blind spots and biases that can affect our self-judgment. Unfortunately, many individuals tend to mistype themselves as they project the idea of their desired self-image onto their personality type results and make connections that are not necessarily accurate.

In order to accurately assess your personality type, a profound level of self-awareness is required—not an idealized projection, but an objective understanding of your true self. Though achievable, it demands considerable dedication of time and effort.

Even so, people often make mistakes in self-typing without a clear understanding of the definitions used in the typology framework. Our NXT personality framework operates as a unique system. As such, one should not assume their type based on different definitions used in other systems. Although the functions may appear similar, it is important to recognize that their definitions can vary from one another.

Hence the paradox: self-typing is both the best and worst way to identify your personality type. The outcome depends on your level of self-awareness and knowledge of typology. As such, it would certainly help to complement your self-typing with an external perspective to accurately determine your closest-fit NXT personality type.

With that in mind, we have developed the NXT Type Analysis, now offered in an upgraded version that takes into account all the feedback acquired from the first version. We've also introduced a new package that includes triangulation of analysis from five different analysts.

Whichever option you choose, we hope that our personality typing services will assist you in gaining further clarity on your life and experiencing the joy that accompanies it. ツ

NXT Precision
Detailed analysis of your personality type.

Benefit from the extensive experience of our skilled NXT Personality Type evaluators. With thousands of hours under their belt, they'll carefully analyze and re-analyze your typing videos to identify your most probable NXT Personality Type (512 Type Code).

Rest assured, we don't assign personality types based solely on your literal responses or stereotypical behaviors. Instead, we delve into the context and motivations driving your actions, allowing us to deliver a more precise and insightful analysis of your personality type.

Understanding your exact personality type provides a map that helps to explain your behavioral patterns in life. More importantly, it helps you discover ways to improve and find greater happiness in life. That's why our NXT Type Analysis includes a complimentary e-book with 370 pages worth of information for your officially identified archetype.

Analysis Requirements
You'll need to record yourself answering a series of questions that we'll provide. The video recording must be conducted in conversational English. The entire process will take approximately 1–3 hours.
Expected Results
Your NXT Type Analysis results will be presented in a PDF report once it is completed. To maintain the standards of our quality, we adhere to a strict system limiting the number of videos we review per day, given the mental effort it requires. This ensures the highest level of focus and accuracy in analyzing your personality type.
The current queue has an estimated wait time of three weeks.
The NXT Type Analysis (Precision) is priced at $175 and includes a PDF report and an e-book of your officially identified archetype.

NXT Comprehensive
Triangulated evaluation of your personality type.

The key feature of this package lies in the enhanced accuracy of your type assessment. Instead of just one professional, a team of five NXT Type Analysis evaluators will individually analyze your typing video.

On their own, each evaluator will spend several hours analyzing and re-analyzing your typing video to provide their own assessment based on their independent observations. Afterwards, the five evaluators will meet for several more hours to discuss their findings and ultimately reach a consensus to finalize your most accurate NXT Personality Type.

The purpose of this triangulation is to enhance the validity and accuracy of your NXT Personality Type. With five NXT Type Analysis evaluators individually accessing and narrowing down your type, you will receive a personality type that is remarkably accurate.

Package Differences
Although both packages are identical in features, this one offers a distinctive advantage: you'll undergo independent typing by five of our NXT Type Analysis experts, leading to significantly higher accuracy in identifying your final NXT personality type.
The current queue has an estimated wait time of four weeks.
The NXT Type Analysis (Comprehensive) is priced at $975 and includes a PDF report and an e-book of your officially identified archetype.