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Core Motivation

As humans, we need food, water, and air to stay alive. But as we all know, it is not enough to merely survive. To truly live, we need to fulfill the innate desires that give our lives meaning. Generally, these desires can be broadly categorized into four different types of primal human desires: variety, certainty, belonging, and significance.

Motivation is the fuel necessary
to keep the human engine running.

Zig Ziglar

In Personality Ninja, these desires are embodied into four distinct Classes. Explorers crave for variety while Builders long for certainty. Leaders yearn for belonging while Evolvers strive for significance. Although we may experience all these desires at different moments of our lives, only one will stand out as our dominant desire, influencing our every thought and action throughout our lives.

At its core, Alchemists are of the Explorer Class, striving to uncover all the nooks and crannies in life. And by Explorers, we don't mean those who go into uncharted jungles, but simply those who prioritize the discovery of the new. More specifically, Alchemists are Explorers who seek for Possibilities. They want an endless stream of ideas, revealing all the wonders that the world has to offer.

Alchemists as Explorers

Opportunities are like sunrises, presenting themselves in every new day that dawns. For Explorers, who have many interests and are avidly curious by nature, this is a godsend. With a thirst for variety, they are constantly on the lookout for new ideas or experiences that suit their unique identities. It comes as no surprise then, that Explorers tend to have a wide range of knowledge, which they use as stepping stones on their never-ending journey of discovery.

It is in our nature to explore, to reach out into the unknown. The only true failure
would be not to explore at all.

Ernest Shackleton

Explorers would give anything to have the opportunity for more. As such, they are often eager to embark on new journeys, because doing so opens up the gateway to a whole realm of options. With so much to live for, Alchemists as Explorers believe that it would be a waste of their own potential if they dismissed life’s many gifts. Hence, they will never stick to one path, knowing that there are many experiences and ideas just waiting to be found.

Regulations, schedules, plans... These are the perfect ingredients for a recipe of boredom. Repelled by dreary repetition, Explorers will never tie themselves down to the chains of monotonous routines. They strive to seek out, discover, and explore the endless experiences and possibilities that await them. To put it another way, if Explorers were to ever have a routine in life, it would be the habit of trying new things.

With life so short and the world so vast, Explorers can hardly wait to uncover its limitless wonders. That is why they are always searching for exciting opportunities, seizing them all at a moment's notice. Even at the crossroads, Explorers are not afraid to take the unbeaten path. They know that oftentimes, life's most beautiful destinations come from the most unexpected of detours.

Beyond that, Alchemists are of the Explorer Class that is supported by the Evolver Subclass. Evolvers are those who prioritize their own personal development, always pushing themselves to improve as a person. More specifically, Alchemists are Evolvers who seek for Accuracy. They want to develop bulletproof frameworks, deriving the most definite and precise truths of life.

Possibilities By Evolving With Accuracy

Nothing in the world stays the same forever. Everything is continuously changing, adapting, and improving. As such, Evolvers believe that they too must evolve, instead of remaining stagnant. Life is an endless process of self-improvement, and Evolvers strive to grow every day. There will definitely be times where they fall down, but what matters most is that they get up, standing stronger than before.

The greatest mysteries often lie within ourselves, and Evolvers live to explore them. Born with the desire for self-discovery, they spend a great deal of time understanding themselves. They strive to uncover who they truly are, seeking clarity on their beliefs and principles. Only by knowing themselves on a deeper level, can Evolvers work on their shortcomings, ultimately unlocking their fullest potential.

Just go and be yourself;
everyone else is already taken.

Those who mindlessly follow the crowd are unlikely to succeed in life. Therefore, nothing bugs Evolvers more than having to do something just because they are told to. They understand that people-pleasing will only lead them to a dead end. If left with no other choices, Evolvers would rather walk alone than among the blind sheep, as only those who are daring enough to forge their own paths will find themselves in places no one has ever been before.

To live is to grow, and growth demands change. As Evolvers go through this journey of life, they will never stop transforming for the better, undeterred by the hurdles that lie ahead. They believe that only those who are willing to give their all will eventually find their place in the world. To put it simply, Evolvers will never settle until they become the best versions of themselves.

All in all, Alchemists are Explorers who evolve their personal truths to discover novel concepts and ideas. Based on their core motivation, each specific archetype possesses a distinct set of traits, giving birth to their own unique strengths and weaknesses.

Nevertheless, the themes covered thus far are merely the tip of the iceberg. To understand more about Alchemists and discover their unique journey of growth, let us explore the next section where we will analyze the dominant aspects of the Alchemist archetype.

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