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Thinker belongs to one of the two Type Tactics in the NXT personality framework. If you are new or unfamiliar with the topic, do refer to the Introduction of Type Tactic for more information.


Thinking Functions are Explicit Judging Cognitive Function, used to figure out what works best by evaluating logical reasons.

These Cognitive Functions are explicit as they involve forming relatively denotative decisions that prioritize the most plausible judgment arising from well-founded reasoning.

As such, Thinkers tend to focus on what is logically true, most noticeably on what makes sense and whether it will work, all of which are determined by logic and reasoning.

Brief technical description: Thinkers strive to figure out what works best by prioritizing logical reasons.

Thinkers will have a Thinking Function as either their Dominant Function or Supportive Function. Thinking Functions consist of Extraverted Thinking (TE) and Introverted Thinking (TI).

To provide greater clarity and understanding of the descriptions above, below are the key definitions for the specific terms used.

Key Definitions

Definition of Thinker:
A person who prioritizes Thinking by making decisions based on logic.

Note: Everyone is capable of forming thoughts, but Thinking for a NXT Thinker is specifically tied to processing logical reasons.

Definition of Thinking:
Processing logical reasons by focusing primarily on the validity and coherence of actions or arguments.

Note: Thinking includes, but is not limited to: making things work, tracking logical coherence, and gauging the utility of things.

Definition of Explicit:
Specific or exact without room for ambiguity.

Note: Daily interactions may comprise of both explicit and implicit information. However, those with Sensing or Thinking Functions as their top two functions will focus primarily on explicit information.

Definition of Denotative:
Describing the literal description or representation of something rather than the implied meaning or representation.

Note: For example, the word "cold" would literally mean something absent of heat, instead of the implied meaning of someone being emotionless.

Definition of Logical:
According to strict principles and criteria of validity.

Note: Logical in this context does not mean being intelligent or clever, but merely arguing in accordance with principles and criteria.

Definition of Reason:
An explicit explanation that provides an analytical argument to validate the truth of a statement, action, or occurrence.

Note: Apart from Thinkers, Feelers may also commonly use terms such as "reasons" or "makes sense". However, what may be presented as a logical reason may or may not be logical in nature.

Derivative Traits

As mentioned above, Thinkers focus on making decisions based on logic by evaluating the world with opinions determined by logical reasons. As such, various characteristics can be expanded upon this core trait to understand it better.

To illustrate an experiential depiction of a Thinker, here are some possible derivative traits that are commonly reported from individuals of this Type Tactic.

  1. Evaluates logical reasons in order to determine the utility of a person or object.
  2. Prioritizes the rationale and functionality over the value and importance of a subject matter.
  3. Assumes that if things work out then feelings will be good.
  4. Prefers actions that result in things working without having to worry much about feelings.
  5. Often uses logic-based arguments in order to prove or explain the validity of their decisions.
Note: As these are some possible derivative traits, a person of this Type Tactic will either display some or most of the attributes above, with differing frequency and intensity.

Thematic Details

Within the fictional world of Mochiverse, the Type Tactic of an archetype is represented by the primary color of the ninja, which also denotes the ninja's village. Thinkers, who belong to either Earth or Fire Village, are represented by the color green or red.

Example of ninjas who are Thinkers.

Thinkers who combine with Sensing are green in color, representing the Earth Village, while Thinkers who combine with Intuition are red in color, representing the Fire Village.

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