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Humanity's greatest challenge lies not in staying alive, but rather in finding something to live for. Individualists search high and low for a cause they believe in. And the moment they have set their minds on one, nothing can ever stop them in their unyielding pursuit. Their resolve may seem perplexing, but if you could feel as deeply as Individualist can for even a second, it would all make sense.

Don't try so hard to fit in,
and certainly don't try so hard
to be different, just try hard to be you.


The world today is owed to the ones who had undying passion. Though Individualists have their own ideas on how to live, that does not mean that they are all about "me, myself and I". It just means that they are the captains of their own ship, rather than empty vessels waiting to be filled. Even if backed to a corner, Individualists do
things because they want to, not because they are told to.

Inherent Nature Of The Individualist

For Individualists, deep fulfilment comes in two words: personal growth. They see life as a journey, where the aim is to reach the height of their potential. It is going to be hard but Individualists know that with every fall, they rise back stronger. Who a person is, determines how their life will be. And so, Individualists will always strive to be the best version of themselves.

Individualists know themselves well—inside and out. They know where
they fall short, why they feel a certain way, and most importantly,
what they live for. Because of that, Individualists will follow their
hearts till the very end. Like a ship on rocky waters, Individualists
might be slammed by the tides, but they will never let their beliefs capsize and sink beneath the waves.

Individualists don't often stand under the spotlight as the attention is blinding. They spend most of their time doing the things they love, either alone or with their loved ones. Individualists have rich inner worlds, so they may look like they are lost in thought at times. These quiet souls rarely open up, so if you are a part of their circle, you
mean more to them than words can ever describe.

Don't let anyone dim your light,
just because it's shining in their eyes.

As the Individualist's likes are shaped by their instincts, so are their aversions. Individualists treasure their personal values deeply, and it baffles them when others do not share the same sentiment. For them, nothing is ever worth sacrificing their values for. There may be people who think otherwise, favoring stone-cold logic over noble virtues. But Individualists stand firm in their beliefs, never wavering in their own convictions even when faced with a world that's against them.

In addition, Individualists believe that everyone is different, born with their own unique personalities, thoughts, and feelings. As such, they despise those who seek to control their lives by telling them what to do and who to be. Ultimately, Individualists would rather be struck down for being themselves than to live as someone they're not. Nonetheless, although it is natural for Individualists to dislike such people, they should learn to be more understanding of others.

Now, with all that said, do note that these traits don’t make you better or worse than others. While some may feel disappointed with their given personality type, it is important to recognize that each type is unique in its own way. Only by understanding who we are, can we leverage our hidden talents—allowing us to unlock our fullest potential.

Every year I try to grow as a
player and not get stuck in a rut. I try
to improve my game in every way possible.

Lionel Messi

When it comes to Individualists, authenticity is at the heart of their journey in this world. To live a life of meaning, is to live a life of values. Undoubtedly, holding on to one's convictions is no easy task, especially when mounting difficulties arise. Individualists are bound to face trials and tribulations that put their deep-seated beliefs to the test. Yet, one thing is for certain: as hard as times may get, Individualists will never turn their backs on what they believe in.

While it may seem that the motivations behind the behavior of Individualists are complex, a closer look reveals that they are not as complicated as they seem to be. Each of us possess innate desires that guide our actions and define our personalities. And that is what we will be exploring in the next section, our core motivations, to gain a deeper perspective and understanding of our inner drives.

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In summary, the Individualist archetype is a multifaceted individual with a unique set of strengths and weaknesses. By exploring the Individualist's personality, we have gained a deeper understanding of how they perceive and approach the world around them.

As we move on to the next section, we will discover more about
Individualists, such as their core motivation, personality traits, and
unique paths for personal growth. By delving deeper into the
Individualist archetype, we can gain valuable insights on the
dynamics of their personality, unlocking crucial knowledge
for Individualists to become better versions of themselves.

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