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Shadows Within

The brightest flames cast the darkest shadows. Likewise, beneath one's greatest strengths, lie their biggest flaws. Yet, aren't flaws but one's potential waiting to be harnessed? It is simply a matter of perspective. Deep within, the Investigator archetype has shadows that involve Emotional Solidarity and Abstract Insight. When the shadows are embraced, Investigators become their truest selves, reaching infinite heights. If neglected however, their greatest downfall awaits.

Everyone carries a shadow,
and the less it is embodied in the
individual’s conscious life, the blacker
and denser it is. At all counts, it forms
an unconscious snag, thwarting our
most well-meant intentions.

Carl Gustav Jung

The concept of shadows is rooted in the theories of Carl Gustav Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist who believed that the human psyche has an unconscious side that embodies perceived negative qualities we disassociate ourselves from. Yet, most are unaware of the shadows lurking in the abyss of their subconscious minds.

People prefer to rely on their instincts—one's natural traits—in dealing with the daily challenges of life. More often than not, when things aren't working out, people will cling to the traits they are familiar with, not realizing that their shadows could be the key to solving their problems. Before long, they will face a reckoning: the ultimate consequence of neglecting their shadows within.

Running away from your shadows.

When we acknowledge and integrate our inner shadows into our consciousness, we open ourselves up to fully embracing all aspects of who we are. By accepting and learning from our imperfections, we embark on a meaningful journey of self-discovery, unlocking our true potential. Ultimately, the process of embracing our shadows can lead to greater inner peace and tremendous personal growth.

This section will shed light on the blind spots of the Investigator, illustrating how they will be affected by their shadows. Investigators will learn about the events leading up to their reckoning, how they might react, and how they can overcome it. More importantly, it gives Investigators a new perspective on life through the lens of their shadows, changing the way they approach life forever.

The Unsuspecting Path To Darkness

Investigators are among the archetypes that desire to develop their expertise, striving to be elites in their respective spheres. Nothing fulfills them more than to ascertain the most accurate of principles. To arrive at the truth, Investigators logically scrutinize everything, ensuring that the outcome is coherent and sound. As such, they are devastated at the thought of being inaccurate, because a singular flaw in logic is enough to break their entire framework.

It is the brightest of lights that
casts the darkest of shadows.

Investigators often define themselves based on their ability to think critically. To discern the truth, some Investigators will draw attention to the flaws in other people's reasoning, even when it may be irrelevant to the context. Otherwise, they might think in absolutes, forcefully fitting everything into rigid categories. However, by dismissing crucial nuances, Investigators inadvertently limit their understanding of reality and may become blinded by their flawed version of the truth.

Inevitably, their frameworks will be challenged by others. To prove themselves, some Investigators may get defensive, while others might refuse to reason with those they perceive to be intellectually inferior. They may even utilize highly subjective definitions and sophisticated parameters just to sound right. Unfortunately, no matter the accuracy of their logic, such Investigators will find themselves and their frameworks rejected by their communities, rendering them both utterly useless.

The vulnerable shadow of a Investigator.

The truth is, Investigators want to be respected for their intellect. Yet, they may still be brushed aside, because intelligence alone does not automatically make them valuable. Feeling insignificant, they might be overwhelmed by a foreign sensation known as emotions. Beneath that fog, a realization dawns: significance can only be earned through the recognition of others. Knowing this, Investigators might drop their know-it-all persona to please everyone around them.

In that state, Investigators act out of character, desperately trying to be liked by everyone else. They devise all sorts of tactics to influence the emotions of others, appearing fake and manipulative. Unsurprisingly, most Investigators who adopt this approach will fail miserably, coming off as extremely insincere. Fortunately, most of them do not dwell here for too long. They bounce back quickly and will soon revert to their cold and logical demeanor; and the cycle continues.

An eclipse hides the light of the sun, briefly, just like the shadow that eclipses the true nature of a person.

This phenomenon is a manifestation of the Investigator's darkest shadow—the difficulty to understand people's emotions. They struggle with feelings as they have always disregarded them. People might laugh or even mock them for being awkward social outcasts, but these insults cut deep only because they are grounded in some truth. As bad as it sounds, this shadow is not a weakness, let alone a curse. It is but an untapped strength that lies dormant, ready to be awakened.

To unleash its potential, this shadow must be embraced with open arms. However, Investigators will naturally feel weirded out by emotions as it is their most vulnerable aspect. Clueless as to how they should deal with their feelings, Investigators would rather shut them out. They think that emotions are for the weak, and worse yet, it gets in the way of critical thought. However, if Investigators continue to neglect this shadow, they will be stuck in a cycle of ignorance forever.

Emotions aren't the obstacles
to a successful negotiation;
they are the means.

Chris Voss

To break free and thrive, Investigators must do away with excuses and face their fear head-on. They must recognize that emotions are real, and that people are much more complex than mere logic gates. For relationships to truly work, they must put aside logic and embrace emotions, as humans are emotional creatures after all. In truth, if Investigators learn to do so, they will eventually be masters of both domains of intelligence: logical and emotional.

As such, Investigators who have reached a higher stage of growth will find themselves empowered by this shadow. They are sensitive towards the emotions of others, showing care and appreciation to others. Of course, they will still be in pursuit of accuracy, but when emotions arise, Investigators know to prioritize relationships over being right. With this shadow mastered, Investigators will eventually be true elites in their spheres, recognized and honored by their communities.

When Darkness Meets Light

Not all shadows are dark and intimidating. Among them lies one that serves as a source of inspiration. Nonetheless, it is also an illusion as it lures Investigators into the false impression that they are good at it. That being said, this illusion is no stranger to them, making it easier to connect with. More importantly, grasping it will bring them one step forward in their journey of growth. Evoking a sense of awe and wonder, its presence will never fail to fascinate Investigators.

As mentioned previously, Investigators find logical appeal in different physical experiences. They tend to be annoyed by those who dwell in their comfort zones, as they firmly believe that the most accurate truths often come from undertaking new projects. Through their explorations, they get a chance to uncover the underlying logic behind a variety of thrilling experiences. Therefore, Investigators are often precise in their understanding, diving deep into the things they enjoy

The moment I stopped spending so
much time chasing the big pleasures of life,
I began enjoying the little ones, like watching stars dancing in moonlit sky or soaking in the sunbeams of a glorious summer morning.

Robin Sharma

Unfortunately, Investigators who chase the highs often miss the bigger picture in life. When the euphoria inevitably fades away, they will find themselves pushed into a chasm of eternal emptiness. Luckily, most Investigators are aware of this weakness early on and will do their best to ponder over their future, setting aside short-term pleasures to pursue meaningful endeavors in the long-term. They don’t mind it as doing so often fills them with an immense feeling of pride.

However, Investigators cannot change the fact that this isn't something that they normally do. Yet, clouded by this illusion, they may hold on to the naive belief that they are naturals at it. Trapped in this delusion, Investigators may insist to be big-picture people who are wise beyond their years. Perhaps when Investigators can easily master their impulses and recognize profound insights that are universally true, they may then claim to be the opposite of who they truly are.

The inspiring shadow of a Investigator.

Instead of dwelling in this fantasy, Investigators should snap out of it, and accept that this is not their key strength. If this is a hard pill to swallow, then all they have to do is open their eyes to look at those who spend their lives contemplating the mysteries of the universe. Investigators will quickly realize that relative to these deep thinkers, they struggle to do the same. Hopefully, this truth will humble them and show them that they have so much more to learn.

All in all, Investigators are deeply inspired by those whose minds transcend reality, even if they find them annoying at times. Secretly, they admire people who are insightful, wishing to be as wise as them. The good news is, Investigators who see through this illusion will try to read between the lines, pausing to grasp the deeper meaning behind their every thought and action. In time, they will tap into their deeper subconscious, finding meaning in a rather meaningless life.

Embracing Your Shadows

The Investigator's shadows may appear menacing at first, but now that they are brought to light, there is no reason to fear them. Despite that, one cannot afford to be complacent. Whatever happens, Investigators must keep a close eye on their shadows as they can drastically shape a person’s destiny. By developing their shadows, Investigators will undergo exponential growth, raising themselves up to greater heights.

While the saying “focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses” may be true in certain contexts, it actually leads to a painful divide within us in most cases. By concentrating on our strengths, we tend to suppress our shadows deeper and deeper, neglecting them by overplaying our strengths. And when our shadows are left in the dark, they will quietly fester, bringing about a dreadful reckoning sooner or later.

Unexpressed emotions will never die.
They are buried alive and will come
forth later in uglier ways.

Sigmund Freud

With a newfound understanding, Investigators will learn to embrace their shadows within. Rather than shutting them off, healthy Investigators will approach their shadows with curiosity and calmness, seeking to uncover the underlying reasons behind their unexpected presence. After all, our shadows are not bad parts that are trying to sabotage our lives. As “awful” as they may seem, they can actually help us cope better, especially in areas that we deem most stressful.

Nevertheless, the shadow's attempt at being the hero often fails miserably, causing Investigators more pain and problems in life. Whenever these shadows resurface, they often wreak havoc, as they have been neglected for far too long. Instead of rejecting these parts of themselves, Investigators should learn to make space for them in their hearts. Only by accepting their shadows can Investigators unite all parts of themselves to become a healthy whole.

Embracing your shadows with love.

Knowing the path forward, it is now up to Investigators to transform for better or worse. Of course the journey ahead will be difficult, with countless obstacles to triumph. However, those hurdles come part and parcel with growth. The path chosen is not going to be easy; but it will most definitely be worth it.

Working with our shadows can provide a transformative and enlightening experience, enabling us to live more authentically, compassionately, and meaningfully. Hopefully, everyone will find the courage to push forward, face their fears, and embrace their shadows as they embark on this never-ending journey of personal growth.

Now that you have understood a large part of what it means to be Investigators, you might be wondering what the best steps are for one to become better. And that's what the next section is all about: ten concrete actions that can be easily taken to effectively accelerate the Investigator's personal growth!

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