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Personal Growth

Excellence is the summit of personal growth. Anyone who aspires to reach its peak must be daring enough to master their strongest instincts and conquer their darkest shadows. As such, the journey to the top of this mountain is indeed a difficult one, filled with many challenges and countless paths that can easily lead one astray.

It doesn't really matter how fast you're going if you're heading in the wrong direction.

Stephen R. Covey

The climb to excellence may demand effort; but effort alone is never enough. Even if you gave it your all, you will not go far without the right direction. Unless you focus your efforts on the relevant areas in life, any attempt to improve would either be insignificant or temporary.

Few things are as disheartening as investing a considerable amount of time and effort, only to discover later on that you were heading in the wrong direction all along. To prevent this, a mental map would help you develop a deeper understanding of your personality so that you can chart your journey in the right direction. Not only does this save you time, but it also accelerates your growth by a hundredfold.

The secret to success is in achieving the right balance.

True success can only be attained by finding equilibrium within: a perfect balance between both our strengths and weaknesses. However, because of our innate tendencies, many of us will gravitate towards our strengths to avoid confronting our weaknesses. Unfortunately, those who live life on autopilot will never amount to much, for the path of success only reveals itself to those who are willing to understand and harness the power of their shadows.

While we trust that you will ultimately forge a distinct path that aligns perfectly with your life's journey, we believe that a starting point will help you tremendously. Therefore, we have provided ten essential paths to guide you in the right direction as you embark on your journey of continuous growth.

Celebrate Imperfections

Not only is perfection at the forefront of the minds of Organizers, it is the sole consideration in most things they do. They stress out when things do not turn out exactly as planned. Seeking perfection in all places, any unexpected setbacks can throw them into a fit of anxiety, even when circumstances are beyond their control. Unfortunately, what many Organizers fail to realize is that their obsessive desire for perfection often leads them down a dead-end.

The secret to breaking free from perfectionism lies in embracing things for what they are. This includes the imperfect nature of life itself. Organizers must accept that whatever can go wrong will go wrong, no matter how much they try. Only then will they be free from the shackles of perfectionism. Yet, it is not merely being apathetic. More than that, it is the union between the awareness of an imperfect life and living it to the fullest that will grant Organizers true happiness.

Accept Spontaneity In Life

Life is chaotic in the eyes of Organizers. Often, they want to be in control, but no amount of planning will ever suffice. Unfortunately, the unexpected twists of life will always leave them feeling like the sky is falling. However, changes do not equate to disaster. If Organizers learn to go with the flow, even the worst of tragedies can be turned into a wealth of opportunities.

Therefore, true control can only be attained when Organizers shake off the illusion of control. The truth of life is that no one has complete power over everything. Rather than worrying about the things they cannot control, they should focus on the ones they can. Organizers should also welcome the unexpected by allowing for improvisation in their plans. Eventually, they will realize that letting go of their tight grip actually grants them more control over the chaos in their life.

Expand Your Comfort Zone

A comfort zone is a haven to be in. Within it, the risks are calculated, but beyond it, lies everything unknown. It may seem terrifying to step out of it, to the point where Organizers are willing to sacrifice their own growth in exchange for security. Rather than breaking out, they can simply expand their comfort zones instead. And if Organizers continually face their fears and expose themselves to the unknown, their comfort zones will eventually be boundless.

To stretch out their comfort zones, Organizers must push themselves to delve into things that are foreign to them. Learning to be comfortable with the unfamiliar is vital for their growth. They can start by trying something new every day or exploring areas of life where they were previously afraid to venture. As they broaden their horizons, Organizers will become more confident with the unknown, and what was once terrifying will become just another part of their daily life.

Don't Take Things Literally

Organizers often take things at face value. Strictly focused on the literal meaning of words, they tend to have trouble comprehending abstract ideas. They may also struggle to grasp conceptual topics without a clear and straightforward explanation. Yet, if they fail to see the deeper perspectives behind their experiences, Organizers will miss out on the richness and complexity of life. Without the ability to read between the lines, they will remain in the dark forever.

The problem is that most Organizers are indifferent to the deeper aspects of life. As such, they ought to wonder more about what lies beyond the literal. The easiest way to do this is by asking themselves "Why?" throughout their day. When they attempt to answer this question, they may discover a fascinating new perspective on things. In other words, "Why?" is a powerful word that directs Organizers to fruitful areas of inquiry, opening up new worlds for them.

Be More Imaginative

Think out of the box, and Organizers will find that imagination knows no limits. Mental boundaries only exist because Organizers ground their thoughts too deeply in reality. No ideas should be considered far-fetched, because imagination is all about seeing the impossible. By letting their imagination run free, Organizers unleash the potential of existing ideas, bringing innovation into their lives.

Besides, realism often limits the creative mind. Instead of dismissing unrealistic ideas as ridiculous or absurd, Organizers should open up their minds to the seemingly impossible. Wild ideas should not be feared because they often serve as a launchpad for better ones to take off. Therefore, Organizers who are willing to break free from the chains of reality are only one step away from unlocking a new world, filled with profound insights and unexplored possibilities.

Prioritize Yourself First

To Organizers, helping others is the top priority. Thus, they often place the needs of others above their own, neglecting their personal growth in the process. By doing so, they put off the need to explore their inner world, and the more they do, the more their problems pile up. In time, this heap of problems will become too heavy to bear, crushing Organizers in their tracks. As such, they must realize that they cannot truly help others, before first helping themselves.

Despite their busy schedules, Organizers should set aside some time every day for self-reflection. This allows them to explore any inner thoughts and feelings that they have ignored for a long time. Without acknowledging these problems, Organizers cannot resolve them and grow. Confronting one's imperfections is not a pleasant task. It may even be daunting for some. However, instead of spinning up excuses, Organizers should gather the courage to look deeply within.

Listen To Your Heart

Life is filled with an infinite number of choices. Although Organizers are capable of making choices independently, they often succumb to peer pressure. Insecure of their own choices, they may follow the crowd even if they don’t fully agree with the consensus. However, a decision is not automatically the best simply because everyone thinks so. It can only be the best if it sits right with Organizers themselves.

On top of that, meaningful decisions can only be made when Organizers agree wholeheartedly. Whenever conflicting feelings arise, Organizers should pay attention to them instead of pushing those feelings away. The concerns that they uncover might make sense or not, but either way, it is crucial to address those underlying emotions. Only by exploring their honest feelings, can Organizers truly make the best choices for themselves, free from any regrets.

Realize the Importance of Emotions

Organizers seek to be objective in their decisions by sticking to logic. As a result, they view emotions as an obstruction to unbiased reasoning. Even if a decision does not feel right on an emotional level, Organizers may simply dismiss the concern as irrational sentiment. By disregarding feelings, they may only be shooting themselves in the foot as it prevents them from getting a holistic perspective on issues.

Like it or not, Organizers must recognize that feelings play a crucial role in decision-making. Although logical reasoning is important, the best decisions are often those that sit right with people too. Therefore, when logic and emotions come together as one, the right choice will naturally emerge. With that in mind, Organizers should start giving emotions due consideration, instead of ignoring them all the time.

Expand Your Knowledge

The search for knowledge stops when Organizers think they know enough. They aren't keen on new perspectives that may challenge their existing ones. Fixated with their views, they close themselves off to the entire truth, often leading to very biased perspectives. If Organizers do not seek to know more than they already do, they will forever be constrained by their limited knowledge.

The secret to unlimited wisdom is simple. Organizers merely have to possess an insatiable hunger for knowledge—the curiosity to learn about anything and everything possible. Oftentimes, they may deem new information as unimportant simply because it does not align with their views. Instead of that, Organizers should open up their minds to actively search for different perspectives. Only then, will they gain access to an immense wealth of knowledge.

Keep Calm and Carry On

Be it physical constraints or computer glitches, Organizers tend to stress out over various situations in life. Their feelings may range from righteous indignation against for-profit corporations to frantic anxiety over their jammed printer. However, letting such emotions control their perspectives will only cause them to make mountains out of molehills. As their stress builds up, even the smallest of hiccups may set off a negative chain reaction consuming Organizers entirely.

Truth be told, anything in life can be annoying and stressful only if one allows it. Hence, it is important for Organizers to learn how to respond to stress effectively, so that they can remain calm even under pressure. To do so, they must first recognize when they are overreacting. Then, they should take a step back to put the problem into perspective. Without the ability to do this, everlasting peace and happiness will continue to be an elusive dream for Organizers.

And with that, it is now time to embark on a new chapter of your life! Nevertheless, we would like to remind you that even though the ten points outlined above may seem easy and straightforward, mastering them is still a challenging task. One must remember that the pursuit of excellence draws upon the power of tiny gains, where small changes over time lead to massive transformation.

So instead of making dramatic improvements, one should take it a step at a time, climbing just 1% higher every single day. Think of your journey as a marathon rather than a sprint; it takes plenty of courage, patience, and tenacity to keep going until the end. And before long, you will eventually find yourself at the peak, awestruck by the magnificent view and ready to go beyond excellence!

Your biggest enemy is merely an illusion.

The road to success is often paved with countless large obstacles. Overcoming them may not be easy, but it'll definitely be worth it. Truth be told, the only real barriers are the ones we create in our minds. By cultivating a growth mindset, every obstacle can eventually be transformed into opportunities for growth. As you embark on this arduous journey, here are a few final pointers to keep in mind.

No two are alike. Unfortunately, what comes naturally to others may not be as easy for you. Seeing others thrive in areas we find so hard to develop often leaves us feeling utterly defeated. However, comparing yourself to others is like measuring your progress using someone else’s ruler; it only sets you up for failure. Focus instead on your own path, for your only competition is who you were yesterday.

It is what it is. Some have smooth sailing childhoods while others might have theirs filled with trauma. Everyone is met with wildly different circumstances in life, and like it or not, it has a lot to do with luck. Although life may seem extremely unfair sometimes, we only suffer because we expect life to play by our rules. However, we should always keep in mind that it is not our circumstances that matter, but what we do with them that ultimately determines who we are.

A speck of dust. Everyone has problems, and although some of them may be huge, most others are often amplified by our imagination. The next time your problems seem too overbearing, just remember that we are merely a tiny speck of dust in this vast and infinite universe, what more our problems? Sometimes, it helps to take a step back to view things from a larger perspective. It may not solve the problem, but it might help ease the pain.

Until you make the unconscious conscious,
it will direct your life and you will call it fate.

Carl Gustav Jung

Life is like a game of cards. No matter how unfair we think our hand is, we cannot change the core of our personality. Life is not determined by the cards you were dealt with; it is how you play that matters. Even a great hand can be wasted if the player does not make the most out of it. So now with these cards in your hands, how would you play them to win the game of life?

As we wrap up our exploration of the STBL Organizer archetype, we'd like to emphasize that this isn't the end, but rather a new beginning in your journey towards a happier, more fulfilling life. We encourage you to seize this opportunity and embark on a path towards success as you embrace your shadows and thrive within darkness!

Along with the wealth of knowledge we've provided in the past six sections, we'd like to offer a curated list of relevant resources in the form of books, articles, and links that can further support you on your journey. Do check out these useful resources in the next section.

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