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Shadows Within

The brightest flames cast the darkest shadows. Likewise, beneath one's greatest strengths, lie their biggest flaws. Yet, aren't flaws but one's potential waiting to be harnessed? It is simply a matter of perspective. Deep within, the Organizer archetype has shadows that involve Abstract Possibilities and Emotional Authenticity. When the shadows are embraced, Organizers become their truest selves, reaching infinite heights. If neglected however, their greatest downfall awaits.

Everyone carries a shadow,
and the less it is embodied in the
individual’s conscious life, the blacker
and denser it is. At all counts, it forms
an unconscious snag, thwarting our
most well-meant intentions.

Carl Gustav Jung

The concept of shadows is rooted in the theories of Carl Gustav Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist who believed that the human psyche has an unconscious side that embodies perceived negative qualities we disassociate ourselves from. Yet, most are unaware of the shadows lurking in the abyss of their subconscious minds.

People prefer to rely on their instincts—one's natural traits—in dealing with the daily challenges of life. More often than not, when things aren't working out, people will cling to the traits they are familiar with, not realizing that their shadows could be the key to solving their problems. Before long, they will face a reckoning: the ultimate consequence of neglecting their shadows within.

Running away from your shadows.

When we acknowledge and integrate our inner shadows into our consciousness, we open ourselves up to fully embracing all aspects of who we are. By accepting and learning from our imperfections, we embark on a meaningful journey of self-discovery, unlocking our true potential. Ultimately, the process of embracing our shadows can lead to greater inner peace and tremendous personal growth.

This section will shed light on the blind spots of the Organizer, illustrating how they will be affected by their shadows. Organizers will learn about the events leading up to their reckoning, how they might react, and how they can overcome it. More importantly, it gives Organizers a new perspective on life through the lens of their shadows, changing the way they approach life forever.

The Unsuspecting Path To Darkness

Organizers are among the archetypes that seek certainty in a rapidly shifting world. Nothing fulfills them more than building upon their current knowledge by perfecting what is familiar to them. Driven by a constant need for stability, Organizers usually stick to tried-and-true practices so that everything around them ticks along at a steady pace. Because of that, they are often reluctant to venture into uncharted territories, afraid of the enormous risks that might ensue.

It is the brightest of lights that
casts the darkest of shadows.

To maintain stability, Organizers give it their best to plan and prepare for everything in advance. But sometimes, things still go wrong no matter how meticulous they try to be. At risk of losing control, Organizers might tighten their grip to ensure that every single thing goes exactly as planned. Unknowingly, they may develop extreme tunnel vision, unwilling to accept any form of change that comes their way. In the end, Organizers will be stuck in the past, unable to cope in a world that moves forward with or without them.

Sadly, Organizers can't fend off change forever. Yet, some might do so by dwelling in their comfort zones indefinitely. They avoid anything that looks foreign, sticking religiously to what is familiar. As long as everything around them seems the same, they continue to be lulled into a false sense of security. Unfortunately, life is constantly changing. By the time Organizers realize this, it would be too late, as they will be completely unprepared to deal with the sudden changes.

The vulnerable shadow of a Organizer.

The truth is, Organizers don't want their deeply held perspectives to be rattled up. Nevertheless, they must face the unknown sooner or later. When that happens, their world will be thrown into total disarray, pushing them into a dark and unfamiliar place. There, they are met with a stark truth: change is the only constant in life. However, since Organizers rarely explore the new, they often go to the other extreme when they try their hands at it, becoming careless and irresponsible.

In that state, Organizers act out of character, experimenting with a variety of random ideas. They believe that since their lives are already in chaos, it doesn't really matter what happens next. So some may dive into ideas that are utterly ridiculous while others may spin up all sorts of possibilities that are out of this world. Luckily, most Organizers do not remain here for long. They bounce back quickly and will soon revert to their old methodical ways; and the cycle repeats itself.

An eclipse hides the light of the sun, briefly, just like the shadow that eclipses the true nature of a person.

This phenomenon is a manifestation of the Organizer's darkest shadow—the difficulty to accept and think of unconventional ideas. Their constant need for stability hinders creativity. People may harshly berate them, calling them boring and unimaginative nerds, but these criticisms cut deep only because they are grounded in some truth. As bad as it sounds, this shadow is not a weakness, let alone a curse. It is but an untapped strength that lies dormant, ready to be awakened.

To unleash its potential, this shadow must be embraced with open arms. But it will not be easy. Naturally, Organizers will do everything they can to avoid using their imagination as it is their most vulnerable aspect. They may be convinced that life would go on just fine without wacky ideas to broaden up their worldview. However, this mindset only leads them further astray. Knowing this, if Organizers continue to neglect it, they will be stuck in a cycle of stagnation forever.

People prefer the certainty of misery
over the misery of uncertainty.

Virginia Satir

To break free and thrive, Organizers must do away with excuses and face their fear head-on. Instead of sticking to something just because they are used to it, Organizers must take a step back to explore other perspectives. By expanding their comfort zone, they pave the pathways for innovation, tremendously improving the way they do things. Before long, Organizers will find themselves ever more fascinated by new ideas, absorbing those that could make their lives better.

As such, Organizers who have reached a higher stage of growth will find themselves empowered by this shadow. They develop a habit of accepting new ideas, constantly exposing their minds to a diverse mix of knowledge. As they grow familiar with the unknown, they become less afraid of chaos looming over their heads. Once Organizers master this shadow, they will finally unlock true stability, where their lives are built upon a solid foundation strengthened by curiosity.

When Darkness Meets Light

Not all shadows are dark and intimidating. Among them lies one that serves as a source of inspiration. Nonetheless, it is also an illusion as it lures Organizers into the false impression that they are good at it. That being said, this illusion is no stranger to them, making it easier to connect with. More importantly, grasping it will bring them one step forward in their journey of growth. Evoking a sense of awe and wonder, its presence will never fail to fascinate Organizers.

As mentioned previously, Organizers find stability in being efficient. Because of that, they get annoyed when time and effort is wasted on pursuits that produce no results. To prevent that, they establish detailed systems to manage resources and people effectively. By doing so, they help create productive work environments that allow everyone to thrive as a team, benefitting all. Therefore, Organizers are often the ones taking charge, as they know how to make things run smoothly.

Emotions make us human.
Denying them makes us beasts.

Victoria Klein

Unfortunately, most Organizers who stress over efficiency will not know what really matters to them. They place so much emphasis on getting things done that they overlook their own wants and needs. Fortunately, most Organizers will catch themselves early on and do their best to prioritize themselves. In those moments, they will ponder about their values or imagine the kind of person they wish to be. They don't mind it because it gives them a sense of pride, boosting their ego.

However, Organizers cannot change the fact that this isn't something that they normally do. Yet, clouded by this illusion, they may hold on to the naive belief that they are naturals at it. This misconception can even descend to the point of delusion, where they see themselves as the most virtuous and authentic people out there. When Organizers lose themselves in their own lies, they might shamelessly claim to be unique individuals who stay true to their beliefs.

The inspiring shadow of a Organizer.

Instead of dwelling in this fantasy, Organizers should snap out of it and accept that this is not their key strength. If this is a bitter pill to swallow, then all they have to do is open their eyes to look at those who long to find their place in the world. Organizers will soon realize that everything they have done so far is only a fraction of what these soul searchers do. Hopefully, this truth will not only humble Organizers but show them that they have so much more to learn.

All in all, Organizers are deeply inspired by those who are not afraid to be themselves, even if they find them annoying at times. They see these people as unique, independant, and brave—traits they secretly wish to have. The good news is, Organizers who see through this illusion will embark on a journey of self-discovery, as they strive to be the best version of themselves. In time, they will cultivate unshakeable convictions, allowing them to unleash their potential within.

Embracing Your Shadows

The Organizer's shadows may appear menacing at first, but now that they are brought to light, there is no reason to fear them. Despite that, one cannot afford to be complacent. Whatever happens, Organizers must keep a close eye on their shadows as they can drastically shape a person’s destiny. By developing their shadows, Organizers will undergo exponential growth, raising themselves up to greater heights.

While the saying “focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses” may be true in certain contexts, it actually leads to a painful divide within us in most cases. By concentrating on our strengths, we tend to suppress our shadows deeper and deeper, neglecting them by overplaying our strengths. And when our shadows are left in the dark, they will quietly fester, bringing about a dreadful reckoning sooner or later.

Unexpressed emotions will never die.
They are buried alive and will come
forth later in uglier ways.

Sigmund Freud

With a newfound understanding, Organizers will learn to embrace their shadows within. Rather than shutting them off, healthy Organizers will approach their shadows with curiosity and calmness, seeking to uncover the underlying reasons behind their unexpected presence. After all, our shadows are not bad parts that are trying to sabotage our lives. As “awful” as they may seem, they can actually help us cope better, especially in areas that we deem most stressful.

Nevertheless, the shadow's attempt at being the hero often fails miserably, causing Organizers more pain and problems in life. Whenever these shadows resurface, they often wreak havoc, as they have been neglected for far too long. Instead of rejecting these parts of themselves, Organizers should learn to make space for them in their hearts. Only by accepting their shadows can Organizers unite all parts of themselves to become a healthy whole.

Embracing your shadows with love.

Knowing the path forward, it is now up to Organizers to transform for better or worse. Of course the journey ahead will be difficult, with countless obstacles to triumph. However, those hurdles come part and parcel with growth. The path chosen is not going to be easy; but it will most definitely be worth it.

Working with our shadows can provide a transformative and enlightening experience, enabling us to live more authentically, compassionately, and meaningfully. Hopefully, everyone will find the courage to push forward, face their fears, and embrace their shadows as they embark on this never-ending journey of personal growth.

Now that you have understood a large part of what it means to be Organizers, you might be wondering what the best steps are for one to become better. And that's what the next section is all about: ten concrete actions that can be easily taken to effectively accelerate the Organizer's personal growth!

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